Gem Miner

Gem Miner 1.3.1

Live the underground life in this mining game


  • Interesting gameplay


  • Repetitive
  • Low quality visuals


Gem Miner is a casual arcade game requiring players to mine for different types of ore while surviving hazards and exhaustion.

Part-simulation, part-arcade game, Gem Miner allows players to explore underground while they dig through dirt looking for materials. Given tools that a miner would need, players explore on a grid based system – digging and collecting while watching dropping stamina.

With tools like the pickaxe, structural supports, and ladders, players will work through the level collecting as much ore as they can carry before returning to the surface to exchange it for money. That money is used to purchase more supplies or upgrade existing tools.

Gem Miner contains repetitive gameplay that mimics the actions of miners. But somehow the exploration of Gem Miner makes the game addictive. Gem Miner is not the most visually impressive game either, favoring a simple flash-based appearance.

Underground, the Gem Miner can only see a small area around them. Lit by a small, but upgradeable lamp; players search as long as their stamina lasts. Each action underground decreases stamina and returning to the surface replenishes it.

Gem Miner is a fun distraction, but after extended playthroughs it does get a bit boring.

Gem Miner


Gem Miner 1.3.1

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